About Me

About me….well, where to begin.

My name is Nate. I live near Nashville, TN where I wear many hats, as most do. I am a Christian, husband to a beautiful and forgiving woman, Lori, father to two wonderful girls who we will call Big and Little on this blog, amature athlete, primary care-taker, provider, DYI-er, and resident cook.

My focus is on living an Authentic American Lifestyle. In my perspective this includes stewardship of what God has given us with an emphasis on self, family, community, and the environment. It is my belief that the cornerstone of a healthy life, not taking into account a close relationship with God, is healthy food; start there and everything else will fall into place organically.

On this blog you will find all kinds of information mostly about food, and exercise. Feel free to call me out I don’t know it all, and love to learn. Additionally, this blog is about decluttering my, and my families lives, getting back to the roots. A journey for more self sustainability, this journey is against the stream, against what society says I should do. It will require sacrifice, tenacity, true GRIT. Come along with me on this journey I’ll need all the support I can get.


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