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I have been bouncing around looking for a place where a lot of information about living green comes together, and makes sense. Lets face it, it’s expensive to live right. I have a limited amount of dollars that need to be stretched as far as they can. For some things it is more important to buy organic, than others. I have found that the Environmental Working Group to be a great place to go for compiled information to arm yourself with living more holistically.

They serve as a watchdog group to make sure you get the facts, un-manipulated, so you make informed decisions on where to spend your dollar for a cleaner life and environment. They conduct research, funded by donations, that transform government policies and the marketplace in order to conserve land and water, produce and use energy responsibly and ensure that food and consumer products are free of harmful chemicals. They investigate government subsidies that encourage wasteful practices, and support policies that promote thoughtful stewardship of our land and natural resources.

Let’s face it companies, and the government are not listening to the words of the people. What they do listen to is where you spend your dollars, you can bend society by arming yourself with facts, and being an informed consumer. The more unpolluted products you purchase the more they will research, and produce cleaner products.

With your help a healthier and cleaner environment can be produced for the next generation and beyond.