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See the below signs that could indicate you are over training.

The Major Immunologic Signs of Overtraining.

  1. Increased susceptibility to and severity of illness/colds/allergies
  2. Flu-like illness
  3. Minor scratches heal slowly
  4. Swelling of Lymph Glands
  5. One-day colds

It is about time to start training for tris again. Protect yourself with the below information.

The Major Physiologic/performance Signs of Overtraining

  1. Decrease performance
  2. Inability ti meet previously attained performance standards or criteria
  3. Recovery Prolonged
  4. Reduce toleration of loading
  5. Decreased muscular strength
  6. Decrease maximum work capacity
  7. Loss of coordination
  8. Decreased efficiency/decrease amplitude of movement
  9. Reappearance of mistakes already corrected
  10. Reduced capacity of differentiation and correction technical faults
  11. Increased difference between lying and standing heart rate
  12. Heart discomfort at slight exertion
  13. Changes in blood pressure
  14. Increased frequency in respiration
  15. Perfuse respiration
  16. Decreased Body Fat
  17. Decrease evening postworkout weight
  18. Chronic fatigue
  19. Insomnia
  20. Thirst
  21. Loss of appetite
  22. Headaches
  23. Nausea
  24. Gastrointestinal disturbance
  25. Joint Pain
  26. Muscle damage
  27. Depression
  28. General apathy
  29. Emotional Instability
  30. Difficulty concentrating
  31. Fear of competition
  32. Changes in personality
  33. Decreased capacity to process large amount of information
  34. Quits when training gets hard.