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After you have selected your grill here are some essentials you are going to need.


A good instant-read thermometer is essential to cooking. You can get an old fashioned dial thermometer for a couple bucks, or you can get a digital one from $15 on up to what you want to spend. You’ll want one that will get an accurate read within seconds. Never let the thermometer touch the bone, this will give an inaccurate reading.
Grill Cover

You will need has heavy duty as you can find, and one that is fitted to your grill.
Grill Basket, Screens, and Plates

Grill baskets are great for vegetables, fish, and other delicate foods. They make them easier to turn. Grill screens, and plates are have similar uses. A screen is a metal mesh supported by a heavy duty frame; a plate is a sheet of metal that has small holes. For each of these oil before use to prevent sticking.


A long-handled wire brush designed for cleaning grills is very much needed, clean the grill when the grate is hot before and after use. Long tongs will be used to turn most every food on the grill. Get a spatula with a medium-length handle it will provide more control when flipping. Silicone brushes are great for coating food, and clean up easily.

Chimney Starter

Chimney Starters are safe, and a great way to start charcoal. Chimneys range in size, get one that is 7 1/2″ in diameter and about a 12″ tall it will do the job for most size grills.
Protective Gear

If you want to look like a real master of the inferno get you some red leather grill gloves. Otherwise a heavy quilted oven mitt will work great.