It Has Been Good, Great, and Down Right Ugly…..I’d Say “I do” again.

Posted: June 24, 2013 in A Day Out, Confessions - Life

It has been 9 years with this wonderful woman.


We have had our ups, downs, and rock bottoms but I thank God for partnering me with her, and I’d say “I do again.”

Our 9th anniversary was definitely an up. We started the day out by dropping the girls off at Nanna’s, and next we were off to the taco spot in our old neighborhood. This spot has significance because we found this place before it was “cool.” It has the best $.99 tacos, and is located in a bad part of East Nasty or East Nashville (over the river and trough the hood to East Nasty you go). East Nashville is a place where young artsy type of people live, it is a bit rough but has a ton of character. The neighborhood continues to grow with boutique restaurants which brings the “foodies.” These foodies found our taco shop and it was given rave reviews in a local “foodie” publication. When we went back one day we walked in and it was packed with tattooed gringos. This place is usually pretty empty and if anyone is there, they are Hispanic. It was a “what the heck” moment. It was no different on our anniversary, packed with tattooed gringos, not that I’m not happy for the owners. I’m sure the up-tick in sales is welcome, it’s just that I worry about this place loosing its heart and becoming……..well, American…….oh well….


We almost always cook out for celebrations so next we were off to gather all of our supplies. On the menu was crab legs (Lori always wants some crab legs), steak, chips, and margaritas.

When we got back home it was still pretty early, and we were stuffed from all the tacos we had eaten, so we decided to go for a walk to work them off. Lori needed some pictures of some native plants to study, she is an artist. It really is nice to slow way down, and investigate God’s creations.














While we were out a storm started to roll in, so we retreated back home and poured some drinks and set up to watch the storm on the front porch. This plan was ruined by driving rain, so we were forced to retreat, again, into the house and watch the storm from the front room.


The storm passed and it was time to grill. Steak was seasoned with GritFuel’s All-Purpose Seasoning and cooked over direct heat to med-rare. To grill crab legs you’ll need to pierce the shell in a few spots, then grill over direct heat for about five minutes on each side. I’ll be sharing the margarita instructions in the next couple of days, so stay tuned.




Bit of a flare up. One thing I love about the Weber is: close the vents and crises diverted.




What is your must have food item when you cook for a celebration?


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