Selecting a Grill

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

No mater what the situation, they make a grill for it.

Charcoal Grills
Charcoal Grills come in most every shape and size. Most popular is the 22″ kettle, and will suite most, but they make them in portable all the way to tow behind your truck. When shopping look for stability, something that doesn’t jiggle a lot when you shake it. It should have easily adjustable vents and a lid that will allow you to control the temperature. If you are planning on smoking foods a side firebox is pretty cool.

Gas Grills
Gas grills range from simple to fully loaded with every bell and whistle under the sun. Two burners will be necessary if you cook over indirect heat, but a three burner will give you the most control over temperature. They make gas grills as hot as you want them, but 35,000BTU is enough. Look for angled metal plates that cover each burner, they disperse the heat more evenly.

Grill Pans
Don’t let the weather, or apartment super keep you from getting the flavor you desire. Get yourself a grill pan, or regular cast iron skillet both will simulate a flat top grill. Look for one of cast iron made in the good ole’ USA, or France. I suggest pre-seasoned over enamel they are more forgiving.

Portable Grills
No reason not to grill on the road. Little charcoal kettles and gas units are available. You can also find disposable grills a lot of time in the picnic section of your grocer.
What ever grill you select be sure to read the owner’s manual especially the part about safety. Also, take note on the grill maintainance section. properly maintaining your grill will give you better cooking results, and add years to the life of your grill.

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