Insanity Fit Test Number 1

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here are the results of the first fit test for the Insanity Program. You get one minute to complete as many reps as you can on each exercise. I was actually pleased with myself, I hung with the people on video.

Fit Test
Date 2-Jan 15-Jan 5-Feb 19-Feb 3-Mar
Move Fit Test 1 Fit Test 2 Fit Test 3 Fit Test 4 Fit Test 5
Switch Kicks 122
Power Jacks  53
Power Knees  87
Power Jumps  56
Globe Jumps  6 3/4
Suicide Jumps  14
Push-Up Jacks  20
Low Plank Oblique  39
Weight  218
Body Fat %  33.5%
Neck  15 1/2
Chest  43
Waist  40
Hips  45
Right Thigh  29
Left Thigh  26
Right Calf  17
Left Calf  16
Right Bicep  14
Left Bicep  13 1/2
Right Forearm 12 1/4
Left Forearm  12

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