Winter Training

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here in Tennessee it starts to get pretty cold in January, making it pretty hard to roll out of bed and go outside to run, or ride the bike.

I have been considering some winter training options. Some things I came up with were getting a bike trainer for the garage, strength training with kettle bells, yoga, Pilate’s, etc. All are good solutions.

I landed on INSANITY. I personally think this is a great workout program. Most workouts are about 45 minutes long; it combines strength, cardio, and balance training into most every workout.

Online you can get this program for about $150 delivered. You can also find it on eBay, I got mine used on craigslist for $50.

I have friends that are real dedicated athletes that say this is one of the most intense workout regiments they have ever attempted. I agree with them every workout I have done pushes my VO2 max, and strength farther than I can physically go. At the same time balance training is incorporated, this is important to reduce potential injuries.

I do not recommend INSANITY for someone that is just starting to workout. It is true to its name INSANITY. It reminds me of high school conditioning camp.

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