Myself as pertains to this blog.

Posted: January 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is the back story, as health and fitness is concerned, up to this point in time.

I have always been an athlete, always eaten clean.

Seven years ago I was in the best shape of my life, right before I got married. I was 5’7″ 145 lbs. could run a 5k in just over 19 minutes.

Then I got married gained about 10 lbs over the course of a year. No big deal I was real lean to being with and no longer working out 4-6 hours a day seven days a week.

But the weight just kept on being put on at about 10 lbs per year, while still staying somewhat active, and still eating clean. I chalked it up to not being as active, stress of two small children, and a desk heavy job.

In February of 2011 I was on a business trip, and getting into the shower saw myself in the horrible lighting of a bathroom hotel, now 80 lbs heavier; 225 lbs. It was a WTF moment, I decided I would do something right then and there. I worked with some triathletes and asked them to hook me up with some workout programs, and some races for beginners. I was instantly hooked.

About three months into training, I still had not loss a pound. I thought “there has to be something else wrong, I am working out like a freak doing 2 a days 5 days a week, and one long workout on Saturday.” 

I made a doctor appointment had a physical, and blood work done. Blood work came back showing I have a hypothyroid. The doctor told me I was basically a fat manufacturing machine, and prescribed medication. It took another three months to get my thyroid regulated. At the last appointment I asked the doctor what in my life could cause my thyroid to produce the hormones that were causing all the problems. He told me the way of life I was living. I thought well that is going to kill me, and it is not what I want to be anyway; it is just the way somebody told me I had to be (meaning I decided I would change my life all together.

Since I decided to change my life I have lost 10 pounds, and completed two Sprint Triathlons. I have been blessed with being laid off from my unbelievably stressful, desk heavy job. This time off has given me a chance to connect with my two children, (who I rarely got to spend time with) and reflect on what is really important in my life.

Currently I am looking for an active job, anything that will not chain me to a desk, (previously I was a Project Manager in the Construction Industry). I am also focusing on getting in touch with the earth, and its Creator.

Within this blog you will find nutrition, gourmet cooking, exercise, cool gear, and the ups and down of life. Join me in the pursuit of real happiness and prosperity.

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